Real estate for private and commercial use

Property is the foundation of success.

It can be invested in for private security and as a provision for old age, or even serve commercial purposes, such as an office or usable space for the company.

Real estate properties are multi-purpose objects, which are always worth investing in,

be it for living spaces or commercial use.

Premium value property ensures good quality and a roof over your head!

More service, low cost, quick outcome!

We at Immosubito are the best people to contact if you need to rent or buy property.

We offer our customers and those interested comprehensive and competent service, as well as an exclusive relocation service at a small price.

We look for the perfect property for you with the help of the latest technology.

Save time and travel costs and leave the first visual inspection to us.

We will record the visual inspection in a video, to which you will have exclusive online access.

You can thus have a first glimpse into the properties and narrow down your choices to the important properties.

Determine whether you are renting, purchasing or looking to rent property for a short period, and give us your required specifications.

We will look for suitable a property that measures up to your desires and vision, and ensure that you get exclusive access to this.

Be it an apartment, a flat, a multiple dwelling unit, student housing, a company flat, a single-family house or even a garage for your vehicle, we have it all.

If you use the service offered by Immosubito, you will be guaranteed to find the perfect property at a reasonable price.

With us as your real estate agent, you can bank on a 100% transparent cost concept and a fixed and predetermined price for our services.

There are no hidden or additional costs.

Our service package also includes a cheap and reliable relocation service, which makes the process of relocating simpler and quicker than ever.

We will help you with packing up your furniture and all the necessary formalities in connection with the relocation.

Imagine sleeping in your old flat and waking up the next morning in your new home.

You can do this whenever you want using the service offered by Immusubito!

Contact us now!

Contact your personal contact person for an initial discussion and learn about the options that real estate can offer.

You can bank on our competence and experience, and put your trust in our attractive terms.
You can find replies to the most frequently asked questions from interested clients here.

We are glad to answer any queries of commercial and private customers via a contact form, and shall process these promptly and directly.

We will also call you back and schedule an appointment with you for an in-depth discussion, during which you can describe your desires and vision to us in detail.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Immosubito team