Frequently Asked Questions

Does the relocation service increase the purchasing or rent price?

This service comes with a fee.

However, the customer need not dread a high price and thus refrain from using a professional service concerning a house and accommodation search.

The fees are applicable only when a recommendation of the service results in the signing of a purchasing or rental agreement and is therefore successful.

Those interested can view various properties and are not under obligation to choose any of the properties offered.

Only if the property is in harmony with the wishes of the purchaser or tenant will the decision to sign a contract be considered.

A commission for the mediation for a property on the part of the real estate agent is inherently payable in the case of most properties, and must be paid by the tenant or buyer.

In light of this fact, the fees for using the service do not additionally increase the financial expenditure for the potential buyer/tenant.
Are you looking for an attractive company flat or single-family house in an absolutely fantastic location? Do you wish to purchase a single-family house or multiple dwelling unit as an investment and a provision for your twilight years?

The relocation service is your chance to find the perfect property by entering the details in the form.

Fill out the form and opt for a promising, customised service.

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